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GZ DOC 2011 Prizewinners

1、Grand Prize

 Name of Film:Argentinean Lesson
 Country of Production:Poland
 Director(s): Wojciech Staron


This film presents the vagrant life and troubles of two families with a vast panorama. The film features naturalness, exquisiteness, and mild but with passion. The scenes of the film are real and smooth, sober but also poetic. While giving a vivid picture of the cruel reality and unfairness in life, the film also reveals the warmth and merit of human nature.


2、Jury Prize

 Name of Film:The Next Life
 Country of Production:China
 Director(s): Jian Fan


This film pays homage to the lives of the future as well as the past, because that's what we have and we are willing to save other's life with our own. This film praises the bitterness as well as the sweetness of life, because that's what we have and we can explain another one's life with it. This film presents us the very profound human life with plain language.


3、Best Documentary on Society & Humanity

 Name of Film:Nastyas Hjerte
 Country of Production:Denmark
 Director(s): Lise Birk Pedersen


This film is about a teenager's hard life in an extreme condition. In the realistic society, people has always been put labels by others with their indifference. However, with human beings' inner heart of love as the limitless energy, we could overcome all hardships and lead the disadvantaged girl to win her independence and dignity.


 Name of Film:Inside Lara Roxx
 Country of Production:Canada
 Director(s): Mia Donovan


This is a world full of hunting for stimulation and losing any sense; a world full of hunting for benefits and losing any humanity. Lara Roxx, a girl of 21, dreams to find her new life in this manhood stimulated world. Unfortunately, once a sex show before the lens made her the AIDS victim. However, AIDS is not the deadly hurt for her. After she entered this world, she found that she was thrown into a world full of deception and selfness. This really made her feel desperate. She had to have a new status with her weak body and begin a new life. This film almost records her special life without any distance which could see the courage and sincerity of both the protagonist and the author.


4、Best Documentary on Wildlife & Environment

 Name of Film:Baboon Bandits
 Country of Production:Germany
 Director(s): Herbert Ostwald


The winning film – Baboon Bandits - follows the exploits of the Smit Gang. An extended baboon family that makes its living stealing food from dwellings, restaurants and tourists' cars on Tabletop Mountain in Cape Town South Africa. The jury found the film funny, affectionate and very watchable whilst at the same time delivering real insights into baboon behaviour.


 Name of Film:What a Salty Lake was My Lake!
 Country of Production:Iran
 Director(s): Hassan Ghahremani


This film records that the size of the salty lake is enlarging and the salty water is turning to sweet water, which incredibly causes the flood. In form, it is inconsistent; in content, it fails to tell the cause of the phenomenon and the scientific basis of the process, pointing out that it has certain relations with the atomic power plant. Yet, its significance lies in that it unveils its existence of such phenomenon on earth. The jury hopes that through this film, the phenomenon can go public and draw the attention of the scientists to find out the cause. By then a more persuasive film would be made.


5、Best Documentary on Science & Technology &Education.

 Name of Film:Keep on Rolling (The Dream of the Automobile)
 Country of Production:Spain / Andalussia
 Director(s): Oscar Clemente Galan


It successfully visualizes the dream of automobiles with outlook, imagination, and desires of the experts from various fields. On top of that, its styles attracted the jury's attention by using animated cartoons.


 Name of Film:New Technology of Sturgeon Artificial Breeding
 Country of Production:China
 Director(s): Yue Gu


It follows an improvement on breeding sturgeon artificially with detailed pictures, efficient interviews, and accurate narrations. We can also see the passion of scientists for the new technology which will help consumers enjoy the rare fish more easily.


6、Best Documentary on History &Culture

 Name of Film:Lost Years
 Country of Production:Canada(Filmed in Canada, China, USA, New Zealand, Australia)
 Director(s): Kenda Gee& Tom Radford


Lost Years reveals a life story and emotional experiences of four generations in the family of Kenda Gee, the author of this film, through his root-seeking journey. Soaked in a yearning home sickness, it truly reflects the culture gene of Chinese and the 150-year Chinese dispersion.
This film is a personalized epic, featuring a delicate structure and a vivid but calm narration.


 Name of Film:Mrs. Carey's Concert
 Country of Production: Australia
 Director(s): Bob Connolly & Sophie Raymond


Mrs. Carey's Concert also followed the fortunes of Chinese People abroad. In this case a very talented 15 year old violinist Emily. Issues of adolescence, peer pressure, compliance and rebellion are closely observed as the Sydney Girl's school prepares for a major classical concert at the world renowned Opera House. The jury found the film well shot and edited and expertly structured which together delivered an engaging and ultimately moving portrait of its young subjects.


7、Best Multimedia Short Documentary Film


 Name of Film:My World on Bus
 Country of Production: China
 Director(s): Zimu Zhang


Black and white images and English voice-over draw the audience out of the reality. It is also an eye of discovery of a softened world where a bus could be a stage, and passengers, actors, with meaningful faces and story-telling shoes. It shows a dramatic, dynamic and wonderful city you've never known.